Anna Katarina


Acting Coach


During the last 25 years she has worked with directors such as David Fincher, Tim Burton, James Ivory, Ron Howard, J.J. Abrams, Brad Anderson and Tim Van Patten.  She has played opposite leading actors Michael Douglas, Tom Hanks, Kevin Kline, Danny de Vito, Christopher Walken, Rutger Hauer, Delroy Lindo, Bernadette Peters, Kelly MacDonald and Sharon Stone. Based on her remarkable screen test, Anna was the runner-up for the lead role in "Bridges of Madison County." Read more...


Born and raised in Switzerland, Anna Katarina is an internationally acclaimed actress with a career that includes turns in popular films, television series, award-winning theatre and even the circus.


Open to all actors of any experience level...

Anna Katarina gives acting coaching sessions in the greater New York/New Jersey area.